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Promise House - Heather's Story

Meet Heather - she had everything going for her - the charmed life of growing up in suburbia,  brilliant, beautiful, loved.  So why is Heather now destitute, living in a boarding home in Dallas, TX and taking more prescription drugs than she can even remember?  Promise House - Heather’s Story investigates the complex relationship between mental illness and drug addiction through the story of Heather and the other women living at The Promise House Boarding Home.  It’s an intimate look into the unraveling of the American dream, the root cause of severe mental illness, and the hope of recovery from opioid addiction.

For a limited time, watch the full film for free:

Watch the trailer here:


UP NEXT: Krista is directing a hilarious Sci-Fi RomCom about a woman abusing time travel so her boyfriend won't break up with her.  A hilarious, female driven story produced by an amazingly talented international team.  And you can be a part of it - visit our Indiegogo site to see how you can come on board as a producer, a walk-on role, or other fun perks!


Catch Krista on stage in Toronto at the Tranzac Theatre

November 10-12 and 17-19. For tickets and information visit


3LG Productions specializes in documentary and reality style television.  One of our favorite projects was seasons 1-3 of American Food Battle, a cooking and travel show seen on the AWE Network (US) and National Geographic Asia Channel.



Resumes, work visa and other information available upon request.

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    Canadian Representation

I am delighted to be represented in Canada by DiCaro Talent Management. Acting enquiries can be directed to Ilona DiCaro at 647-499-0591.

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